Terms & Conditions


This agreement governs your use of the MrCutout website and its related products. If  you are looking for the basic information about MrCutout, check our FAQ section.

0. Definitions

→ Product: digital files that may contain cutouts, images, and other files. Regular products are available for every registered user. Premium products are available only for customers.

→ User: any person or company registered at www.mrcutout.com.

→ Customer: any user who has upgraded his/her account basing on one of our Pricing Plans.

1. General

a) MrCutout offers its products based exclusively on the following Terms & Conditions.

b) Exceptions from following terms of use must be confirmed by MrCutout by email.

c) MrCutout reserves the right to amend or change this agreement at any time.

2. Registration

a) Everybody can create an account at www.mrcutout.com, becoming a user.

b) By creating an account, user agrees to add the data he/she provides in the registration form to the MrCutout database.

c) With registration, user accepts following Terms & Conditions.

d) With registration, user is allowed to use regular products on the website freely, within download limit.

e) By purchasing one of our Pricing Plans, user becomes a customer. The Pricing Plans are available once you log in at www.mrcutout.com.

f) The customer is allowed to use both regular and premium products freely, with respect for its Pricing Plan and legality and intellectual property rules.

g) Each user can own only 1 free account at the same time. Multiple free accounts belonging to one user would be automatically blocked.

h) Each customer can use MrCutout account on up to 2 devices.

3. Payment & Delivery

a) Payments are made in favor of MrCutout account via Fastspring Digital Commerce Platform. Fastspring operates all transaction progress details.

b) Payments can be made using both Bank (Credit Cards) and Service companies (PayPal).

c) Prices given on Pricing Plans are net prices. Depending on country there can be charged additional local taxes to these prices during checkout.

d) The invoice would be issued and sent automatically via e-mail link after confirmation of the payment. (You can find it  also in your profile folder: My Account -> Orders).

e) All MrCutout premium products are available after the payment is confirmed.

4. Returns and Refunds

a) Every purchase of MrCutout subscription can be refunded within 60 days after purchase.

b) Refund will be done by MrCutout within 7 days after return declaration from the customer. Arrival of refund can take up to 15 days after it.

c) With the completed refund process, access to MrCutout premium products is over. After getting the refund, customer is able to keep used premium products only in already existing projects. Continued usage of the refunded products in future projects is illegal and would be a basis for legal actions.

5. Data Protection

a) MrCutout treats all customer/user data highly confidential.

b) MrCutout processes customer data solely for the purpose of order fulfillment, and for occasional contact with the customer/user. Service companies (Bank, PayPal, Fastspring ) involved in the order processing receive buyer’s data only to the necessary extent of the order completion.

c) MrCutout is passing data to our collaborators only in order to gain feedback from our users and customers and to promote and to support customer care.

6. Legality and Intellectual Property

a) All products on www.mrcutout.com are 100% legal.

b) All products, including cutouts, images, organization and presentation of the cutouts that can be found at MrCutout.com are protected as property of MrCutout and/or its collaborators by intellectual property laws including laws relating to copyrights, trade-marks, trade-names, internet domain names, and other similar rights.

c) All products can be used by the rules of our Licence Agreement (point #7).

7. Licence Agreement

a) With the confirmed registration and downloaded any product files (both regular and premium), customer/user recognizes the validity of the following agreement.

b) The licence to use MrCutout products is given to user/customer within the registration at www.mrcutout.com.

c) Customer/user obtains a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use and to modify the products files in accordance with the conditions laid out in the following paragraphs.

d) Every customer/user is ALLOWED TO use MrCutout products without any limitations for:

  • Private, educational or commercial use.

  • 3D visualizations/renderings representing architecture, landscape design, urban planning, interior design etc.

  • Selling images enriched with MrCutout products.

e) MrCutout products can be kept in already finished projects even after subscription licence is over.

f) Downloaded premium products can be used by the customer during subscription and up to 60 days after it.

g) Every customer/user IS NOT ALLOWED TO:

  • Sell or distribute for free any of MrCutout products in both modified & unmodified form (as a package, clipart, website theme, digital graphics stock etc.).

h) products CAN NOT be used (under any circumstances) in or be conjoined with obscene, pornographic, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, infringing, immoral, or illegal product. Both user and customer have the full and sole responsibility for all legal consequences of any such use.

i) Publicity rights:

  • In every product subpage it is clearly indicated (as "model release: yes") whether MrCutout has a model release for this product, meaning MrCutout has the model's consent for publication of her/his image.

  • Products that MrCutout have no model release for are also clearly indicated on product subpage (as "model release: no") and were anonymized, so they do not contain anybody's image (people in the pictures are unidentifiable).

  • As local law may differ heavily, if the product has no model release, you are advised to ensure that context and publication methods are compatible with your local law.

8. Trivia

a) It is forbidden to use any special programs (spider, leecher) or scripts in order to automatically download multiple products at MrCutout.com (user/customer who would try to mass download will be banned from the website automatically).

b) It is forbidden to interfere with the security or otherwise abuse, disrupt, place excessive loads on, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the MrCutout website or any system resources or networks connected to this website.

c) The service www.mrcutout.com is offered over the internet by the company Kapa Solutions Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.],
15/21 Budapesztanska Street, Gdansk 80-288, Poland, entered into the Business Register maintained by the District Court for Gdańsk-Północ (Gdansk-North) in Gdańsk, Poland, 8th Department of the National Court Register (KRS), under no. KRS 0000583908, NIP (Tax Identification Number) 6040167614, REGON (National Business Registry Number) 362883364. Share capital amounting to PLN 5000, paid in full.